Data Categorization and Enrichment

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Data Categorization and Enrichment

Challenges in efficiently organizing and comprehending customer data within the broader context pose business risks and hinder the end-user experience by relying on traditional methods that are time-consuming and prone to errors.

Our Data Categorization and Enrichment engine is designed to convert raw transaction data into actionable insights. This provides customers with a new layer of understanding regarding end-user behaviors and spending patterns.

In addition to Transaction Categorization and Payment Partner detection, our Contract Recognition Service analyzes the complete transaction history of users to identify recurring spending patterns.


Transaction Categorization

Dive deep into your data with unparalleled granularity. The Categorization Engine allows you to drill down into spending patterns, dissecting transaction categories to uncover insights that can drive strategic decisions.

Payment Partner Recognition

Harmonize and aggregate the spending patterns of end-users by getting valuable insights about the payment partners the end-user is interfering with.

Contract Recognition

Getting valuable insights into the regular spending patterns of an end-user enables several use cases that rely on continuous stability of the end-users financial status.

How it works

Categorization is a pivotal element for a broad spectrum of use cases, providing financial institutions, including banks and fintechs, with valuable insights into customer spending patterns and behaviors. It involves the systematic classification and organization of financial transactions based on their specific attributes, enabling the aggregation and analysis of data for various purposes.

Payment Partner Recognition verifies the payment counterparty of each transaction by cross-referencing against an extensive database of Payment Partners.

Contract recognition entails a thorough analysis of the user account's complete transaction history, identifying patterns such as payment partners with recurring similarities in transaction amounts within a specified range. Additionally, it provides insightful attributes of a contract, such as frequency, activity status, or contract category.


Informed Decision-Making

Our engine empowers businesses by providing insights that go beyond the surface, enabling informed decision-making that is rooted in real-world understanding.

Fraud Detection and Security

Transaction Categorization plays a crucial role in identifying fraudulent activities and enhancing security measures. By accurately categorizing transactions, banks and fintechs can detect anomalies and flag suspicious or unauthorized activities.

Regulatory Compliance

Categorized transaction data allow banks and fintechs to fulfill their obligations related to anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and other regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively.

Demo Data Categorization and Enrichment

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Tech Documentation

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