Disposable Income Verification

Solvency validation for all affordability-related products and services

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Disposable Income Verification

The absence of technology and digital processes in validating user financials poses business risks and hampers the end-user experience by relying on traditional methods that are time-consuming and prone to errors. Disposable Income Verification allows you to easily validate end-user financials through real-time access to their transaction history, ensuring swift and secure affordability and financing decisions.

With real-time access to bank account data, Disposable Income Verification enables you to retrieve aggregated and averaged amounts of regular income streams as well as regular and irregular expenses. This helps determine the creditworthiness of end-users. Further enrichment, such as categorizing different income streams and expenses, adds an extra layer of transparency to the overview of the user's financial situation and reduces your financial risk. All manual work and effort on your side are eliminated. As a result, you're empowered to make faster, better data-driven decisions.


Liquidity Forecast

Our best-in-class machine learning algorithm can predict the liquidity of end-users for more data-driven decision-making.

Flexible timeframes

The Disposable Income can be calculated by accessing the end-user's financial history of 3 to more than 12 months, which enables a wide range of use cases.

Real-time Data

Real-time data retrieval and data calculation from over 3000+ financial institutions.

How it works

You send a request to our API for Disposable Income Verification of the end-user.

The end-user has to go through the account connection process by entering the credentials and followed by the steps for Strong Customer Authentication such as confirming the account access in the banks TAN app.

Upon successful completion, you retrieve the Disposable Income Verification result from the finX API, which includes income, expenses and disposable income information.


Increased Conversion

Increase conversions by instantly being able to retrieve insights on end-user financials, enabling streamlined processes and reducing time and effort.

Reduced Risk

Better and faster data-driven decisions by securely retrieving data from end-users' real bank accounts.

Improved User Experience

Improved end-user experience with fast, reliable, and hassle-free account access.

Demo Disposable Income Verification

Do you want to try how the process and the user flow will look like? Let us know!

Tech Documentation

Dive deeper and find more information in our API documentation.