Financial Data

Access to real time financial data for your products & services

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Financial Data

Difficulties in verifying customer information can pose security risks and hinder the end-user experience when relying on traditional, time-consuming methods that are prone to errors.

Our product, Financial Data, enables you to effortlessly gain financial insights by providing real-time access to an end-user's bank account. This ensures quick and secure processes and decisions.

Access to Financial Data allows you to tap into an extensive range of financial information from banks and financial service providers across Europe. To achieve this, end-users connect their bank accounts or financial services through our API, which can be implemented in your application. Qwist connects and harmonizes data for retail and business accounts from > 3000 financial sources in Germany, Austria, Portugal, and Spain.


3000+ financial providers beyond PSD2

Standardized real-time data from over 3000+ financial institutions. We go beyond PSD2 and offer data sources you can’t get somewhere else.

+365 days of valuable insights

We provide harmonized transaction data for any available transaction history that our connected banks support.

Plug & Play + anytime up to date

Our API can be easily implemented and automatically fetches new transactions from the bank up to 4 times a day without end-user involvement needed.

How it works

To get the financial data of the end-user, you send a request to our API and get as a response a URL to forward the user to our widget user interface. If you have your own account information license, you can of course build all frontend parts of the account connection flow yourself utilizing our API in the background.

The end-user is required to complete the account connection process by entering their credentials and following the Strong Customer Authentication steps. This includes confirming account access within the bank's TAN app.

After successful completion of these steps, you can retrieve financial data, including account information and transaction history from the connected accounts


Increased Conversion

Increase conversions by gaining access to financial data, improving process efficiency, and allowing data-driven decisions.

Reduced Risk

Protect businesses from fraud by using secure, real-time financial data directly from end-users' bank accounts.

Improved UX

Improved end-user experience with fast, reliable, and hassle-free account access.

Demo Financial Data

You want to try how the process and the user flow will look like? Go ahead and give it a try now – it's incredibly simple and fast!

Tech Documentation

Dive deeper and find more information in our API documentation.