Risk Insights

Better risk decisioning by real time financial insights and a proven set of risk indicators

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Risk Insights

Challenges in obtaining comprehensive insights into an end-user’s financial situation pose business risks and hinder the end-user experience by utilizing traditional methods that are time-consuming and prone to errors.

Third-party credit bureaus are a common source of information, yet they often have limitations, providing only the applicant's credit exposure and sometimes outdated data.

Furthermore, the application process can become highly cumbersome, demanding significant manual input and paperwork from customers.

With our risk insights product, customers can enhance credit checks by utilizing up-to-date information about applicants' risk behavior and spending habits. This information is derived from real-time transaction data analysis. As a result, customers can offer end-users a swift, hassle-free experience through a seamless, fully digital application process.


First-level check of end-users' financial stability

We develop our own logic of pre-screening calculations and support our customers to obtain a preliminary idea about their end-user’s financial stability.

Modular & Flexible Key Figure Selection

Customers have the flexibility to select the most relevant risk indicators that serve their specific use case.

Actionable Insights

We help customers break down each indicator to obtain further insights about why an end-user was granted one key indicator or the other.

How it works

You send a request to our API for risk insights for one specific end-user.

The end-user has to go through the account connection process by entering the credentials and following the steps for Strong Customer Authentication such as confirming the account access in the bank's TAN app.

Upon successful completion, you retrieve the risk insights data such as with a real-time Affordability check, Liquidity forecast, or Credit Default Risk.


Leverage our expertise in handling financial data

We look back at several years of handling complex and diverse financial data, which enables us to provide valuable insights from different market dynamics and relevant data sources.

Key Risk Indicators

We provide you with a real-time Affordability check, real-time data on Gambling, Loans, Overdrafts, and Collections as well as a liquidity forecast or the Credit Default Risk.

Plug & Play + anytime up to date

Our API can be easily implemented and automatically fetches new transactions from the bank up to 4 times a day without end-user involvement needed.

Demo Risk Insights

You want to learn how the process and the user flow will look like? Get in touch!

Tech Documentation

Dive deeper and find more information in our API documentation.