Payment Initiation

SEPA payments for all licensed and non-licensed businesses

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Payment Initiation

The challenge of not being able to provide payment services independently hampers the end-user experience and business value for customers by relying on traditional methods that disrupt their end-user flow, are time-consuming, and are prone to errors.

Payment Initiation powered by Open Banking allows customers to seamlessly implement payment initiation through real-time access to an end-user's bank account, ensuring swift and secure payment initiations.

Our Payment Initiation Services enable B2B customers to offer their end-users the ability to initiate a bank transfer (Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Credit Transfer in the EU) from the payment account they hold with their bank.

Payment Initiation Services offer an alternative to online payments using credit cards or debit cards or manually copying merchant bank details for settling open invoices through the end-user's online banking.


Send Funds from over 2000 institutions

Payment Initiation is available in Germany for more than 2,000 financial institutions.

Available for licensed & non-licensed Customers

The fastest way to offer payment services for merchants or other Fintechs without the need to go through a long license application process.

Secure Payments without disrupting the User Experience

Open Banking payments are secure and easily initiated directly from the end-user's bank account from any application.

How it works

You send a request to our API for payment initiation, which contains all relevant payment details.

The end-user has to go through our payment initiation process, entering credentials, and providing Strong Customer Authentication to authorize the bank transfer.

Upon successful completion, you will retrieve the payment initiation result from our API immediately, which includes all payment details as well as the payment initiation timestamp.


Increased Automation

A guided and secure payment method that allows for quick payments. Pre-populated payment details allow for frictionless payments which avoid user errors and expensive reconciliation processes.

Fast standardized cross-border payments

The SEPA Credit Transfer provides a quick and secure payment rail, lowering the time it takes to receive payments. Therefore, increasing cashflow liquidity.

Cost Reduction

Due to a fixed pricing model, Payment initiation is 80% cheaper compared to conventional payment methods.

Demo Payment Initiation

Do you want to try how the process and the user flow will look like? Please reach out!

Tech Documentation

Dive deeper and find more information in our API documentation.